Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Declaration of Poetic Rights and Values

Yesterday, I was doing some reading, and came upon a web site, that got me to recall the poem I posted yesterday, and motivated me to do some revisions on it, to move the poem into something displayable.

Here is that remarkable web site by a remarkable group of people:

People's Poetry Gathering

Here is the pdf file on that site, what I was reading that moved me so:

The People's Poetry Language Initiative: A Declaration of Poetic Rights and Values

After finishing that, you may be inspired to go further into ethnopoetics, to read poetry from threatened and dying languages around the globe:

World Poetry Map

From there, let me suggest this site:

Susy Delgado's Ayvu Membyre

And from there to another woman doing remarkable work:

Susan Smith Nash's An Anthology of Paraguayan Women Writers


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