Tuesday, May 30, 2006

gay policy

sexual harassment      will not be tolerated
            in the american workplace

this policy includes      unwanted advances of
            a homosexual nature

since 1964      discrimination based on
            race, religion, gender, or age

has been deemed illegal      and such harassment creates
            a hostile work environment

                        .      .      .

            a response on gay relations
by the grand ayatollah      ali al-sistani

            confirmed that homosexuals
should be killed in "the worst most      severe way of killing"

            sexually purifying
iraq of gays is a goal      of some badr corps cells

            who also kill unveiled women,
people who wear western clothes      and alcohol sellers

                        .      .      .

it is not illegal      in america for you
            to ask a same-sex co-worker

for a date while at work      if the response is a firm
            refusal, you may not tell him

or her that his or her      tushy is going to waste
            nor may you call him or her 'bitch'

                        .      .      .

            a badr death squad officer,
pretending to be gay, joined      an internet chat room

            and lured 27-year-old
ammar of baghdad into      a rendezvous this past

            january--within the hour,
bound, blindfolded, he was shot      in the back of his head

                        .      .      .

at work, if you witness      gay bashing of any kind
            your responsibility is

to tell a manager      it is both illegal and
            against company policy

                        .      .      .

            gay iraqi activists plead
with americans in the      green zone, but are laughed at

            current policy being to
not interfere while iraq      nears mandating gay deaths

                        .      .      .

americans must meet      in conference rooms to watch
            sexual harassment programs

            iraqi homosexuals
must meet in dimly lit rooms      or be killed in pogroms




At 11:35 PM, Blogger LJCohen said...


An effective piece.


At 6:37 AM, Blogger Bud Bloom said...

Thanks, Lisa, very much.



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