Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Clattery MacHinery on Poetry


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Clattery MacHinery on Poetry


Posts Readied
for Read, Review, & Comment

V. Sundaram's A Great Sant from Gujarat and Rajasthan (with rare translations of Dadu bhajans)

Luisetta Mudie's Climate Change and the Poetic Imagination

All-World Wrestling Poetry—a collection of 52 wrestling poems

Wrestling Poetry Project

. . . and don’t forget these Christmas poems

A Sunday Holiday of Fifty Negro Boys

Ten Thousand Thanks

Posing Aemilia Lanyer (as Shakespeare; as his Dark Lady; and as she posed)

The Pee in the Pool of On Line Poetry, by Terreson

Life and Death from Beijing: a Poetry Sequence by Luisetta Mudie and Dreamer Fei

Elliot’s Car & Sully’s Truck

The Long Abandon’d Hill, for Frank Wilson as he retires

Lite Verse with No Cholesterol or Trans Fat, by 33 Already Dead Poets, 6 Unknown Anyway

A Gaping-Wide-Mouth Waddling Frog, illustrated by Walter Crane

Today is World Samina Malik Day: Terrorize your lyrics

Whatever is

World Samina Malik Day December 6th

A Selection of Kitten Verse by Oliver Herford

The Ghost of the Susquehanna vs. the Curse of the Bambino

Free Burma!

Alley War Poetry

Taslima Nasreen: Women’s Rights vs the Holy Hell

The Long-Awaited, Unabating, Top 30 All-Time Greatest Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar

The Official Top 20 Countdown of the All Time Greatest Love Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar

Nikki Giovanni's "We Are Virginia Tech"

Gill Dennis on Johnny Cash & voice in poetry

The Ella Wheeler Wilcox Top 30 Countdown

"The Scent of Ensure" by J. Shawcross

Blue Kookaburra

The Lyric Minutiae (or the ee(cummings) in (katharine mcph)ee)

Sources say writer and journalist Fessehaye “Joshua” Yohannes has died in detention

By Myself Pouring Wine as the Moon Shines

Warning to Other Writers About Using Blogger

Li Bai drinking alone (with the moon, his shadow, & 32 translators)

Turning the pages of William Blake's notebook online

Amnesty International: Well-known satirist Sakit Zahidov imprisoned following an unfair trial with questionable evidence

Sir Francis Bacon on Poetry

Misplaced Leisure Water: The Displaced Function of Poetry

from Poem a Day: "New Year Snow" by Frances Horovitz

Sonny's Lettah by Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ)

J. Geils Band's 'Floyd's Hotel': A place to get our poetic souls back

"’Twas the Night Before Christmas," illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith

Christmastime at Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s

Adonis: 'We, in Arab society, do not understand the meaning of freedom'

Blue Luge

Mary and The Maid, cleaning up the place

Some Embers & Sonnets of Gilbert Parker

Butterfly Wisdom, poet unknown

Warning: A stark poem on the gruesome murder of Addie Hall

Faith's Review and Expectation by John Newton (Amazing Grace, that is)

Over Emily Dickinson’s for Thanksgiving: 16 Poems

From Pining Poem to Haunting Anthem: "Dark Eyes" by Yevhen Hrebinka

Verse for Veterans: First Foe to Flanders Fields

September 30, 2006: Massacre. September 29, 1960: Tenzin Gyatsu’s prayer.

I am sorry you had to leave Reine

Wrestling With Poetry in November

The All Time Top Ten Greatest Poems of Scotland

Daniel Webster: Great American Orator on Poetry

David Kirby: his poetry, Kirbyisms, & video

Ko Un

A Conversation on Experimental Fiction and Now Poetry

Mark Doty Physically: "Heaven for Paul"

Poetry Festivals Worldwide: This weekend, the Dodge

Punky Dunk and the Spotted Pup

The Babes in the Wood: a Randolph Caldecott Picture Book

Green Grape Cakes

By what act or department of Congress?

Billy Collins: An Evening with the former U.S. Poet Laureate

Jack Kerouac, the 20th Century's Greatest Poet: One Hour of Video



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