Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blue Luge


Blue Luge

Two guys are on a park bench arguing about whether God exists.

Harry says there's no God, that when you die, you get zilched. Freddy says when you die, you go to God in Heaven.

A lightning bolt strikes and takes them both, one at a time, in what can be described as an upwards luge in blue, snowlike only more fun. It's a blast, in fact.

They get to the landing laughing, and are ushered into a line, waiting to get to a desk, as if at a busy country airport.

Harry admits he was wrong. Freddy gloats.

They get to the desk, and sure enough, the guy's name there is Peter. Peter's sending Harry back with a message of peace and love for the world.

Freddy asks Peter, "So, when do I meet God?"

Peter explains that, there in Heaven, there are far more and better philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists than live on Earth, indeed the greatest ever. And they pretty much agree that the chance of there being a God is zero.




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